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four goals of myofunctional therapy

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

added on: April 24, 2022

What is myofunctional therapy?  In our dental office, we are now screening our patients for tongue ties and potential obstructions to the airway.  A tongue tie is a condition that can present itself at birth or may be missed if the tight tissue is deeper and located more posteriorly.  The short membrane of tissue left connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth can restrict proper tongue posture, prohibiting proper lip seal, preventing optimal swallowing and can ultimately lead to a mouth breathing habit in young children and can continue to adulthood.  Patients who suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, orthodontic relapse, TMJ pain, headaches and neck pain may also benefit from myofunctional therapy.  Myofunctional therapy is physical therapy for the muscles of the tongue, mouth, and face.  These exercises focus on four goals of nasal breathing, efficient swallowing pattern, correct tongue posture to help speech and airway, and proper lip seal.  Myofunctional therapy is recommended prior to the release of a tongue tie and should follow the tongue release procedure to help strengthen and train the tongue muscles to function optimally to encourage nasal breathing, lip closure, tongue on roof of mouth at rest and proper swallowing pattern.  Our office is able to offer myofunctional therapy in a 12 week program with prescribed exercises each week.  Creating new habits can be difficult, but with proper coaching and practice, nearly everyone has improvements.

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